3 Retirement Blogs You HAVE to Read

August 05, 2016

It’s no shock that retirement brings about a lot of free time. Some fill it to the brim, while others enjoy a slower pace. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, blogging is a hobby that can keep up with whatever speed you decide to take.

Whether you decide to start your own blog, or just browse through the musings of fellow retirees, here’s three retirement blogs that we think you’ll love!

  1. Home Free Adventures
    Couple Tim & Lynne Martin sold their home, live out of suitcases, and spend their days touring the world with the money they would have spent on their Californian lifestyle. Lynne writes about their travels, gives advice to others who may choose to follow in their footsteps, and maintains a nationally recognized blog all the while. Read Tim’s take on how they found themselves traveling full-time here!
  2. Retired Syd
    Sydney Lagier is unabashedly living a daily pursuit of happiness, whether that’s volunteering, taking piano lessons, or doing absolutely nothing at all. She writes about anything from adopting a stray cat to Christmas traditions to how much she (surprisingly) loves her Apple Watch. Syd is approachable, honest, and fun to read. It’s like catching up with an old friend!
  1. Later Living
    Honestly opinionated, Warren Flick collects stories and reflections all surrounding the topic of retirement. He posts reviews of everything from books to retirement communities, anecdotes from his travels, and always remembers to include beautiful photos from his latest destination. Check out his post about road tripping out west – and make sure to scroll all the way down to see his High Plains gallery!


Now that you’re inspired, maybe you want to start your own blog. While it might sound like an intimidating venture, know that every blogger is just like you. More often than not, they’re writing from home, about their everyday life.

What will make your blog interesting is genuine, authentic writing that is true to who you are. Pick your area of expertise, be it car repairs or cake decorating, and write, write, write! Chances are, your friends and family will love it, and you might even make new connections along the way. Be sure to share your blog posts through email and Facebook for even more traffic to your site. Who knows where it might end up!

Above all, have fun with it. Share your stories, meet new people, hear about different lifestyles, and reach out to a whole new community, all from your kitchen table (or wherever retirement has you these days)!

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