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Meet Our Advisors

David Lawrence

David Lawrence, CFP®


Advisor Team

The Advisor Team works to help clients simplify their financial lives and work towards achieving their lifetime goals. The advisors meet with clients in one-on-one meetings to educate and assist clients as they identify and work to reach their financial goals. 

Aubrey Figueirido

Aubrey Figueirido, FPQP

Client Service Manager

Leigh Bencsik

Leigh Bencsik, FPQP™

Senior Retirement Service Specialist

Diane Bell

Diane Bell

Client Service Assistant

Mary McClennen-Glica

Mary McClennen-Glica, FPQP™, RICP®

Client Service Representative

Client Service Team

The Client Service Team is responsible for collecting and cataloging clients’ financial data, necessary for creating a financial plan. This gathering is done through phone and email communication, helping clients to articulate their financial goals and explain their current financial situation. The Client Service Team is also responsible for providing information to the advisors so they can implement and maintain client plans along with handling day-to-day client questions and needs.

Matthew Benedict

Matthew Benedict

Lead Paraplanner

James Boyle

James Boyle


Marci Prior

Marci Prior

Paraplanning Assistant

Paraplanning Team

The Paraplanning Team uses the information gathered by the Client Service Team to create individualized plans for the advisors’ review. The team analyzes clients’ resources by reviewing existing investments, insurance, assets, liabilities, and income. After this analysis, the team builds a comprehensive plan for the advisors to review so the advisors can effectively and strategically use clients’ resources to address their financial concerns and goals.

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team keeps the office running smoothly, while furthering the business. While functioning in very different roles, the Administrative Team covers Business Development, Compliance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, and Technology assistance.