5 Tips for a Debt-Free Vacation

May 30, 2017

What can be simultaneously stressful and relaxing, and almost always costs more money than you were intending?

If you guessed vacation, you’re correct!

Too often, we spend recklessly when we’re away. That “treat yourself” mentality can be hard to get away from, especially on vacation.

In order to avoid that “What did we do?!” moment after coming home and checking your bank account, a little planning can go a long way. Here’s a few tips we’ve found:

  1. Ask for a Discount
    Booking a vacation can be a pretty expensive task, but you’ll never know about a hidden military or senior discount unless you ask. Even 10% off is better than paying full price!

  2. Go All-Inclusive
    If you know you’re a spender, and the problem only worsens when you’re away, pay for it all up-front! Travel to an all-inclusive resort or cruise off into the sunset, knowing that everything you’re about to enjoy has already been covered.

  3. Vacation When the Kids Are Away
    It might seem cruel, but consider taking your trip while the kids are away at summer camp. You know they’ll be having a great time and you’ll probably be able to half the overall cost of going away. Just be sure to get them a souvenir!

  4. Bring Your Meals
    Traveling with a lot of people can become expensive, especially considering mealtime. Dinner for five every night adds up! Save yourself the trauma and bring a few freezer meals. As long as your room has a fridge, just bring a crockpot and keep everyone (and your wallet!) happy.

  5. Save a Little Each Week
    Vacation just feels better when it’s been earned. Put few dollars away each week (even just $10!) and watch the total add up. Even if your savings don’t cover the entire cost of vacation, use your funds for food, souvenirs, maybe a special excursion you wouldn’t have taken otherwise – but mostly, enjoy!

If you’re thinking about moving, or wondering if it’s a smart financial move for you, feel free to reach out to one of our advisors today. They would love to sit down with you and begin the discussion!

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