Mailbag – Home Equity, Long-Term Care, and More

November 04, 2021

On This Episode:

Have some questions about retirement? Let’s open up the mailbag and answer some of these questions. On today’s show, we will be going over 6 financial topics our listeners are curious about. 

Can you use a home equity line as an emergency fund? Long-term care coverage premiums are going up, should you keep your insurance? How often should you meet with an advisor? We’ll be covering these topics as well as what to do when you disagree with your spouse about retirement and the importance of getting your parents to meet with an advisor.

Key Points:

1:24 – Can I use my home equity line of credit for emergencies?

5:49 – I never hear from my financial advisor, should I be bothered?

9:14 – Is there a way to convince my husband we can retire?

13:43 – Am I better off selling my business or retaining ownership?

17:34 – Should we cancel our long-term care insurance?

21:50 – How should I help my mom with investments?



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