Podcast - Ep 16: What You Need to Know About Annuities

August 05, 2021

On This Episode:

Few things in the financial world are as polarizing as annuities, but when used correctly, they can be a great tool for a retirement plan. Let’s try to sort through the different annuity options and explain what’s to like and what’s to dislike about these sources of retirement income.

Key Points:

0:35 – Background on this topic

2:59 – First type of annuity

4:56 – Second type of annuity

7:20 – Third type of annuity

10:17 – Good news/bad news

11:08 –Reasons to buy variable or fixed index annuity

13:43 – Annuities that provide guarantee

16:42 – What to do if you’re not sure

17:57 – How we handle annuities



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