Podcast - Ep 24: Is Retirement as Easy as a Jigsaw Puzzle?

December 02, 2021

On This Episode:

When you do a jigsaw puzzle with your family you probably start off with a strategy. You are going to look at the big picture, organize your pieces, and decide where to start. Approaching our retirement plan, in the same way, can be helpful. What is the big picture of the puzzle? What is the big picture in your retirement plan? The framework of the puzzle is like the framework of your plan, your income strategy.

Maybe you also sort the pieces of the puzzle. In your plan, you'll want to sort investments, insurance, and the rest. How does your 401(k), Roth, life insurance, etc. work together? What are your end goals? On today's episode, we will go through this analogy and expand on how retirement planning can be as easy as a jigsaw puzzle.

Key Points:

0:37 – Are you a fan of puzzles?

1:54 – Look at the big picture

8:46 – Build a framework.

11:42 – Sort by color

20:36 – Have the end game in mind



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