Podcast - Ep 25: Advisors that Drop the Ball

December 16, 2021

On This Episode:

Where can advisors drop the ball? While they may not mean to, sometimes advisors can overlook areas in our financial plan. On today's episode, we'll discuss 5 areas advisors may drop the ball and how you can make sure your plan is properly taken care of.

If your advisor is not reviewing your tax returns you may want to have a discussion with them. They may not be a tax professional, but they can still learn valuable information from your returns. Similarly, if they aren't evaluating the fees and costs associated with your investments it may be time to address this red flag. Are they helping you plan out your retirement income and target dollars? Have they discussed family values and legacy planning with you?

Key Points:

1:32 – Reviewing your tax returns

3:09 – Evaluating fees and costs

7:14 – Planning your retirement income

11:26 – Clarifying target dollars

17:28 – Reviewing family goals and legacy plans



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