Podcast - Ep 28: Minding the Financial Gap

February 17, 2022

On This Episode:

If you’ve ever taken a subway or train you may have noticed the warning “mind the gap.” It’s a friendly reminder to watch where you are stepping and to take precautions. Similarly, you want to mind the gap in your retirement plan.

There are gaps in retirement planning, but there are ways to plan and prepare for these blind spots. When you stop working you are no longer getting a steady paycheck, so how are you going to replace that income stream? On today’s episode, we are discussing 5 common gaps we see when people are constructing their financial plan and how you can avoid making these missteps.  

Key Points:

1:25 – The income gap

7:51 – The Social Security gap

11:56 – The inflation gap

15:07 – The long-term care gap

21:09 – The surviving spouse gap



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