What Makes Our Moms Special

What Makes Our Moms Special

May 10, 2020

Leigh Bencsik – My mom is always eager to jump in and help people that need it.


Sarah Gibides – My mom is mentor, friend, confidante, and conspirator! She is integral to the lives of my children and we appreciate her sweet spirit and calming presence.


Candis Buehrle - My Mother is a Warrior. Unfortunately, life has not been the most kind to her, but she never falters. She continues to love, grow, and enjoy every moment of life. I have learned so much from her, and continually draw strength from her courage. She truly is one of a kind!


Olivia Derstine - My mom is a special one of kind mama. Everything about her is a gift to those around her. She has a heart of gold and the purest most beautiful pursuit of the Lord.


Matthew Benedict - Even as a parent of ten children, my mother always found time to check in with each one of us frequently to ask about our interests, to inspire a thirst for learning, and to support all of those important childhood experiences. Today, with an ever-growing extended family, she still finds time to reach me an ocean away. Thanks to the internet, she can even help me and my wife look for our first house!


Kristin Strunk – My mom is incredibly hard working, fair, humble and generous. She is always up for a laugh and an adventure. She is a special part of my life and my children’s!


Becky Little - When I think about my mother the very first thing that comes to mind is her joy and complete trust in God even during dark circumstances. She unwaveringly believes that God both loves us most and that He knows what is best. This has carried her through the death of her husband when she was only 42 and presently carries her through the isolation that she is experiencing living at a retirement community and not being able to have anyone from the outside visit. At 84 she remains cheerful and humorous. My mother has always been incredibly generous, perhaps even to a fault, thinking first of how she can give money to others even when it means she has to sacrifice. Perhaps even more importantly, she is known for being an encourager to many, many people, especially to those who walk through difficult times. She makes my life better and the makes the lives of others better as well.


Todd Little - I am often described as being decidedly optimistic and happy. If you know my mom, then you know where that comes from. My mom is one of the happiest people I know – she always seems to have a smile on her face. It’s not that her life is always positive, she has certainly had her share of sorrows, but she has a joy that is not based on circumstances. Rather, her source of hope and optimism come from her faith in a God that loves her and has always been faithful to her. Not only do I have a great mom, but I’m fortunate enough to have a great mother-in-law. While for many their mother-in-law is nothing more than a punchline, I have always enjoyed a wonderful relationship with mine. It helps that we share four great loves – God, her daughter, her granddaughter, and… sports.


Shelley Kemp - My mom is special to me because even though she is gentle & quiet in her demeanor, she is always her family's biggest fan. She is a great cook, hard-worker, highly organized & loves to explore new places. As a pastor's wife for over 40 years, she has supported my dad and always been involved with him in ministry. She is a treasure!


Mark Kemp - My mom is special because growing up she taught me to be incredibly flexible and laugh a lot and dream big. She has faced many challenges in life and she tries to keep a positive outlook despite the circumstances. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!